Drupal Bootstrap - 31 - Finishing The Last Bit And Celebrate !

Finally, we come to an end of the project, we are going to finish off some final works, close it and celebrate ! 

Be frankly, not all will finish the videos and complete the project till the last stage here. If you do, we are happy to hear from you, feel free to leave some words here for us or post a link of your site that you have built it with the skills you learnt here, we are happy to share the fruits of your victory !! Congrats !

Playlist: https://goo.gl/47TkI6

Where to go after this ??
This series mainly focusing on Drupal site building, the next level to bring you to should be Drupal theming. Learning on how to create regions, override templates to organize the layout you like. Below are some great sites to learn about Drupal theming from the experts. Of course, there are many good tutorials here in Youtube you can find I believe. Keep it up !


Some useful modules for theming:

Code Karate - Daily Dose of Drupal is a great site to learn about Drupal contributed modules ~