Drupal Bootstrap - 7 - Installing CKEditor & IMCE

Modules to install:

NOTE: IMCE / MediaEmbed icons not showing up ?? 

One of WHY: 
Our friend here +Nathaniel Frissell pointed out, there is an incompatibility issue for higher jquery version to work with IMCE for the backend "administrative pages". So, try the steps below to change your jquery version for the administrative page:

1) Go to jquery update configuration page
2) Change the jquery version for "administrative pages" (Seven Theme) to version 1.7 and save it. 
3) Back to your CKEditor settings, under "Editor Appearance", drag your IMCE icon to the current toolbar (This icon will possibly not turned on if you haven't switch your jquery version to a compatible jquery version even if you have done so earlier.) and save the configuration. 
4) Try adding a content and your IMCE icon should appear.

You can check the earlier videos which showing how to install and configure the jquery update module especially when working with Bootstrap theme in the earlier video:

Bootstrap theme 3.0: https://youtu.be/TbApCtsuCMw
Bootstrap theme 3.1: https://youtu.be/wSKzzNNvYhI

Reminder: Make sure your IMCE icon appears in "Current toolbar" in the CKEditor configuration page. Edit the page to double check even if you have already saved the configuration. It may not be successfully saved if your jquery version for the administrative pages is not compatible with IMCE. You may have to adjust the version again if 1.7 is not working on yours.